Author: Jimmy



It’s been over 26 years when I first picked up my fathers camera and started shooting. My dream was to become a film director but I noticed quite fast that directing was not really my passion. I much rather was the person in charge. And in charge I am.

I made so many mistakes over the years. I really was stubborn in the beginning so I didn’t want to take any feedback or tips from others. That was in a way my biggest mistake, but on the other hand I now single handedly experienced these mistakes and found a solution on a different method. And that feels good. It’s weird but good.

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Always the same

In all honesty, every movie has the same steps which is being made. It kind of feels like a factory job but then with more influences from outside. Today was the day to get everything prepared for the actors to come to France. It’s my job to go through several insurance suppliers and find the best international health insurance. For example personally I always take the same Even though your trusted with one, you always have to do the research again for each project. Those are the rules of the game. Don’t fall of the wire! Better get that safety net there.

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Fights and drama

Today is one of those days that you think, why. So two actors, not even very famous have problems with each other. They are two woman who both have the feeling they are under appreciated and want to get more benefits than the other. My job is to be the nanny for both. This is the most ugly part of any movie. They want attention and it is sickening.

Sometimes you just want to walk up to them, scream in their faces and show videos of people who have it way, way worse then they have and then get a mirror and have them look into it. I’m curious if they would understand that they would be two little girls pissing on each other over nothing.

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The pay off is when the wrap is there. But there is another sort of wrap party, it’s in the beginning. This is a beautiful event as everybody starts to know each other and everybody can come to peace with each other.

After that it’s all over. It’s hard work, irritations and other bad things with of course some very nice peaks. With the wrap party being the new highlight what everybody wants to be doing.

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